The companies OCEAN EXPRESS and EXPRESS AFRIQUE, major players in the transport sector in Congo and internationally for several decades, are pleased to announce that they have signed a merger agreement by way of absorption of the latter.

The merger of these two companies operating on similar businesses with many customers and suppliers in common will strengthen its position as a global logistics partner on the local and regional market.
The trade name "EXPRESS AFRIQUE", a guarantee of seriousness and efficiency for 40 years, will remain and will be used by OCEAN EXPRESS for all purposes in the form of a registered trademark. EXPRESS AFRIQUE (Land Transport, Handling, Rental, Lifting) will become a department of OCEAN EXPRESS.

As part of this merger, it should be recalled that OCEAN EXPRESS will recover all the assets and liabilities of EXPRESS AFRIQUE. Therefore no private or public third party will be concerned about any claims. In the same way OCEAN EXPRESS will continue to recover the sums due to EXPRESS AFRIQUE.

This merger is effective June 29, 2022. We therefore want to work with our customers, suppliers and partners to facilitate this integration process.

We can already reassure you that the quality of the products and services offered remains our priority.